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Medication errors are happening right now…somewhere. Maybe your facility has not been touched by this preventable tragedy, but you probably know of a hospital that has. Meeting and exceeding compliance has been extremely difficult. But it is finally within our reach to end medication labeling errors…forever.

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In the Pharmacy

Given today’s demand for safe and effective medication preparation, providing strict oversight is a challenging task for pharmacy, yet essential to ensure medication safety, security and management. Safe Label System (SLS) empowers the hospital with the tools to merge hospital-approved formularies and policies with international labeling standards in high risk procedural areas and anywhere medications are prepared.

In the OR

In the fast-paced enviroment of the OR, ensuring syringes are consistently labeled and in compliance with TJC standards and ASA guidelines can greatly reduce the chance of error. The three most common medication errors which occur in the OR include ampoule and vial swaps, mislabeling or illegible labeling, and syringe swaps.

On the Floor

Despite your dedication to excellent patient care, medication errors are among the most common medical mistakes. To help ensure patient safety, SLS Point of Care Station (PCS) can be placed anywhere medications are prepared – such as patient floors and nurse medication prep stations – providing accurate and compliant medication labels on demand.


Codonics Safe Label System (SLS) helps reduce the use of costly prefilled syringes by empowering users to prepare medications in the pharmacy. SLS enables medications to be prepared and compliantly labeled in small or large batches and sent up to the floors, and integrates with RIVA robots to improve syringe labeling to meet compliance requirements for use in the perioperative environment.

What they are saying

“Texas Children’s Hospital is honored to be recognized by The Joint Commission for excellence, and specifically for Codonics and for the ultimate level of safety it provides our patients in the OR.”

Gee Mathan, Director Pharmacy Clinical Applications - Texas Children's Hospital

“In my view, SLS is a major advancement in medicine. It is an ultimate safety device that belongs in every OR. It’s quick, it’s easy, and really I don’t want to do anesthesia without it.”

Dr. John Scavone, Shriners Hospital for Children

“Anesthesiologists overwhelming agreed that Safe Label System was easy to use, accurate, met their needs, improved safety and efficiency and was as system they would recommend to others.”

James Joseph Thomas, MD, Assistant Professor, Medical Director of Anesthesia Informatics, Pediatric Anesthesiology

“Safe Label System is the best product on the market for standardization and patient safety.”

Mark Chabot, Director of PGY2 Pharmacy Informatics Residency, University of Virginia Health System

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