Hospitals must be able to accurately bill each and every patient properly as it is vital to their existence and financial well-being. The operating room presents unique challenges with its fast-paced environment. The process often creates hours of manual back-tracking to recreate the paper trail for pharmacy, leaving hospitals vulnerable to lost charge capture which can quickly skyrocket into hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Whether your facility bills on administration or on dispense, Codonics has a solution for you.

Billing on Dispense

Safe Label System (SLS) integrates with anesthesia dispensing carts (ADC) to provide “common scan” integration. This enables the NDC to be passed from SLS to the ADC automatically. As medications are removed from the cart, the provider simply scans the vial or ampoule’s barcode on SLS then immediately receives visual and audible feedback of the drug in hand. Instantaneously, the NDC is passed from SLS to the cart to ensure inventory accuracy while capturing the appropriate patient charge for proper documentation. At the same time, the clinician is provided with a TJC-compliant, full-color label, ready to affix to the syringe. The process is fully automated for the anesthesiologist and helps ensure safety, decreases stock outs and streamlines the workflow by reducing redundant manual tasks.

Billing on Administration

Safe Label System used in conjunction with SLS-WAVE enables anesthesiologists to electronically capture the exact NDC from every medication administered to the patient for complete and thorough documentation at administration. Installed near the gas machine or on an IV pole, clinicians “wave” prepared and labeled syringe past the SLS-WAVE on the way to the port. The NDC is instantaneously passed to Epic AIMS or Plexus TG Anesthesia Touch AIMS where it is automatically populated in the record, “hands-free”. SLS-WAVE delivers detailed drug accounting, increased charge capture and helps with 340B accountability to drastically reduce the amount of time pharmacy spends on manual paperwork.

The time to automate your OR billing processes is now! Let us help you free up pharmacy’s time to focus on patient care.

*SLS common scan integration is offered with some of our partners. Ask your sales representative for details.

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