Workflow Options

Workflow Options


From time to time in the operating room and quite often in the pharmacy, multiple copies of an original label are required. Codonics award-winning Safe Label System (SLS) offers Copy Mode for the perioperative area and Batch Mode for the pharmacy to allow for multiple printed labels when required.

Copy Mode

In a typical operating room application, Copy Mode enables a clinician to automatically print multiple copies (up to 9) of the original label. This is permitted only for specific drugs and is defined in the SLS Administration Tool (AT) formulary that resides in pharmacy.

Batch Mode

In a typical hospital pharmacy application, it is commonplace to prepare medications in batches where multiple copies of the same label are required. Safe Label System’s Batch Mode feature allows a user to automatically print multiple copies of the original label. The label can include a user-defined lot number and a larger initial area for use cases where two sets of initials are required on the label. This may occur because a different person prepared the label than prepared the syringe, or in a case when an additional safety check is required. This option is a cost-effective alternative to outsourced pre-filled syringes and enables the hospital to prepare medications that are not readily available (e.g., diluted medications) from the manufacturer.