Codonics & CareFusion expanded partnership

Codonics & CareFusion expanded partnership
Advanced Integration delivers synchronized formulary management to the operating room to increase medication safety and security

CLEVELAND, OH, Feb 10, 2015 – Codonics (, a global leader in medication safety systems and image documentation solutions and CareFusion (, a leading global medical technology company, is pleased to announce their expanded partnership. Codonics and CareFusion are working together to develop advanced integration between Codonics technology, CareFusion solutions and Pharmacy Information System (PIS), delivering synchronized formulary management to the operating room (OR).

Many hospitals today rely on manual processes and disparate technologies to support medication management and syringe labeling in the OR and procedural areas. This approach can be inefficient and error-prone, putting medication safety at risk. The new advanced integration between Codonics and CareFusion systems provides customers with a simplified pharmacy workflow that eliminates redundant manual tasks and synchronized formulary management that helps reduce chances of data entry errors.

By automating medication management in the OR and procedural areas with Codonics Safe Label System and the Pyxis® Anesthesia ES system from CareFusion, our customers are able to:

  • Increase medication safety and security
  • Improve efficiency in pharmacy with formulary management and maintenance
  • Streamline workflow for both pharmacy and anesthesiologists

    “We are excited to expand our partnership with CareFusion to enhance medication safety,” said Peter O. Botten, president and CEO of Codonics. “Through our centralized, integrated system, we’ve made it easier than ever before for pharmacy to manage, maintain and deploy customized formularies anywhere medications are prepared while, in the OR, we’re enhancing the anesthesia workflow to increase patient safety and simplify medication management. Together, we’re delivering the best practices for medication safety to support guidance-driven compliance while enhancing patient safety and clinical workflow.”