As patients are moved from the OR to the ICU/PACU, medications continue to be administered as the patient is stabilized. Codonics Safe Label System (SLS) ensures medications are properly labeled with Joint Commission required elements anywhere they are prepared. Every medication prepared by SLS includes a barcode that can be scanned prior to administration for added safety, such as to reduce syringe swaps, and for integration with AIMS/EHR.

A one-of-a-kind system

Codonics Safe Label System (SLS) is comprised of two unique elements. Firstly, and core to the SLS is the Administration Tool (AT), a sophisticated, easy-to-use software application used in pharmacy that enables hospital approved drugs, based on department-specific master drug database(s), to be consolidated with the site’s best practices and use conditions for each drug. This powerful application allows multiple formularies to be created specific to OR, SICU, PACU, ICU and other patient care areas and be enterprise networked for easy access at the point of care via SLS.

Innovative technology at the point of care

Secondly, at the point of care, SLS uses barcode technology and provides on-demand, real-time verification and validation of drugs and preparations, consistent with your best practice policies. Each SLS replicates pharmacy oversight during medication preparation with audible and visual confirmation every time a vial is scanned. Prompts and pre-configured selection of diluents, total dose/total volume, and standard and non-standard concentrations are presented to the clinician to ensure safe, consistent preparations, fully compliant to TJC, ASA, USP, ASTM, ISO, ISMP and APSF standards. As a final output, SLS provides clinicians with an easy-to-read and ready-to-apply medication label that contains a barcode for integration with your AIMS (Anesthesia Information Management System) or EHR/CPOE at administration.

A seat belt is to a car as SLS is to perioperative

SLS is a standard of care in the world’s leading hospitals, helping to eliminate medication errors, improve patient safety, ensure consistency and provide 100% compliance every time a medication is prepared. A proven technology, SLS helps to remove the element of human error with built-in safety checks that alert clinicians during medication preparation and administration, acting as a “second set of eyes”. Be the change in your organization that prioritizes patient safety and join the hundreds of hospitals who are preventing preventable medication errors.