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Safe, Compliant, Fast Medication
Labeling Anywhere Syringes Are Prepared

Codonics Safe Label System SLS 500i, honored for its innovation, is a complete solution to enhance healthcare by improving patient safety and labeling compliance in the operating room (OR) or anywhere syringes are prepared.

  • Helps reduce the three most common drug errors made in the OR during the course of medication preparation and administration.
  • Improves the workflow and provides clinicians with a series of electronic medication safety checks.
  • Includes a 2D barcode on labels enabling electronic documentation of the medication in the patient's electronic health or anesthesia record.
  • Prints labels for IV lines, invasive monitor lines, and other OR needs on demand.
  • Includes an integrated Administration Tool that enables a hospital pharmacy's formulary to incorporate TJC and ASA labeling requirements, allowing it to be instantly available for verifying and labeling medications at each SLS.
  • When networked, the SLS can receive formulary and configuration packages sent from the Administration Tool as well as provide status feedback to specified users via the Administration Tool and email.
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Improve Patient Safety

Multiple distractions, poor handwriting and look-alike/sound-alike drugs greatly contribute to the chance that drug containers could be confused or the wrong label is applied on a syringe.

  • Complies with the APSF recommendation that every anesthetizing location should have a mechanism to identify medications before drawing them up (barcode reader).
  • Includes visual and audible confirmations for each drug to help remove human error by incorporating machine-readable technology acting as an electronic double-check.
  • Reduces the three most common drug errors made in the OR:
Common Error Codonics SLS Solution
1. Vial / Ampoule Swaps SLS scans the drug container and asks for confirmation before printing the label
2. Mislabeling / Illegible Labeling SLS provides TJC compliant full-color labels based upon a site-specific Pharmacy developed formulary
3. Syringe Swaps SLS enables the labeled syringe to be scanned to identify its content prior to administration

Safety Features Possible When Integrated with an AIMS

  • Identification of each syringe to be administered
  • Warnings for expired syringes when scanned
  • Warnings for patient allergies or adverse drug interactions

FDA cleared to market per 510(k) K101439, Class II. Patent Pending.

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