In the OR, anesthesia medication dispensing and management is often an ongoing challenge for pharmacy. The amount of time and resources required to restock automated dispensing carts (ADC) can be impactful to this already demanding environment. ADCs secure narcotic medications, locking and restricting access to only authorized personnel. As medications are needed for a clinical case, anesthesia providers have access to remove the items. Pharmacy personnel must restock every drawer of every ADC based on the inventory report or on a schedule that meets the hospital’s needs, such as morning or evening – and sometimes, both.

Although obvious benefits of an ADC are inventory accuracy and fast, easy access to medications, they are also commonly associated with stock-outs. Stock-outs occur when there are unforeseen spikes in medication usage and/or, more commonly, when medications are being removed from the cart but not properly accounted for by decrementing the inventory. Stock-outs put patient safety at risk, interrupt pharmacy workflow, and are costly and time-consuming as anesthesia often has to wait for medications to be delivered to the OR.

Decrease Stock-outs with Integration

Codonics Safe Label System integrates with ADCs* to greatly reduce the chance of a stock-out. Integration also enables a single barcode scan of non-controlled items which eliminates redundant activities and provides accurate inventory accounting. When scanning a vial or ampoule on Safe Label System, the NDC of that medication is passed to the cart, automatically decrementing inventory and capturing the appropriate patient charge on dispense. At the same time, SLS automatically produces a TJC-compliant label that is ready to apply to the syringe. This feature:

  • Helps eliminate potential stock-outs during procedures by improving inventory accuracy
  • Allows a single scan to identify the medication on the Safe Label System while accurately decrementing inventory used in the cart, allowing pharmacy oversight where on-demand medications are prepared
  • Captures the exact NDC for every vial/ampoule scanned for billing on dispense, and
    Significantly improves safety and TJC compliance

Let Codonics help you improve patient safety by reducing stock outs in the operating room.

*SLS common scan integration is offered with some of our partners. Ask your sales representative for details.

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