SLS Vaccine Labeling

SLS Vaccine Labeling

Codonics Safe Label System can greatly assist your team with the COVID-19 vaccine distribution and tracking for both providers and patients.
Plus, there is zero formulary management or upfront IT lift!

The SLS Vaccine Labeling Solution will help you immediately create:

  • Custom BUD labels that include storage temperature range
  • Custom vial and syringe label templates that include the lot number from the parenteral vial
  • Vaccination record labeling that includes next dose reminders

No handwriting. Easy to read. Safe. Fast.

Label COVID-19 vials and prepared syringes to improve safety and the workflow:

Custom BUD Labels…including storage temperature range

Custom Vial and Syringe Label Templates…including lot number

Vaccination Record Labeling…including next dose reminders

PLUS…No customer formulary management…formulary customization available on demand

No upfront IT lift…no network or server required to get started

Photo courtesy of Texas Children’s Hospital

Photo courtesy of UC Davis Medical Center

MANY new and existing Safe Label System customers are using SLS for COVID-19 vaccine labeling. If you’re interested in learning how other hospitals have improved the safety and efficiency of COVID-19 labeling, call us. We can put you in touch with a hospital pharmacist user who would be happy to share their best practices. To date, SLS has been used to label hundreds of thousands of COVID vaccine vials and syringes.