Pharmacy-prepared Syringes

Pharmacy-prepared Syringes


Codonics Safe Label System (SLS) helps reduce the use of costly prefilled syringes by empowering users to prepare medications in the pharmacy. SLS enables medications to be prepared and compliantly labeled in large batches and sent up to the floors, and integrates with RIVA robots to improve syringe labeling to meet compliance requirements for use in the perioperative environment. Every label produced by SLS includes the drug name, concentration, date and time of preparation, date and time of expiration, the preparer’s initials, any warnings about the drug and a barcode. This barcode can be scanned at the bedside for BCMA and integration with the patient’s EHR. The barcode helps pharmacy with billing accuracy and 340B initiatives.


RIVA produces a batch of syringes or IV products and automatically applies a barcoded black/white label. Using SLS, a pharmacy technician scans the RIVA barcode. SLS reads the barcode and automatically prints easy-to-read, full-color labels which are then applied to RIVA syringes or IV medications by the pharmacy technician. SLS can print a single label or up to 999 labels with a single scan. The combination of RIVA and SLS labels comply with The Joint Commission NPSG.03.04.01, and meet the intent of ISO 26925, ASTM 4771 Standards and ASA guidelines.

SLS and Batch Mode

In a typical hospital pharmacy application, it is commonplace to prepare medications in batches where multiple copies of the same label are required. Safe Label System’s Batch Mode feature allows a user to automatically print multiple copies of the original label. The label can include a user-defined lot number and a larger initial area for use cases where two sets of initials are required on the label. This may occur because a different person prepared the label than prepared the syringe, or in a case when an additional safety check is required. This option is a cost-effective alternative to outsourced pre-filled syringes and enables the hospital to prepare medications that are not readily available (e.g., diluted medications) from the manufacturer.

Safety in Batch Mode preparation

When a vial or ampoule is scanned on SLS, it electronically identifies the drug as a first line of defense to prevent medication errors, such as with dangerous look-alike drugs and hard to read vials and ampoules. With a click from the touchscreen to select “batch” printing, a user simply enters the number of identical labels to be printed and, if desired, the lot number. When the user is ready, they quickly scan the container barcode of the drug in hand and the system visually and audibly identifies the drug and concentration. SLS prints easy-to-read, full-color labels on demand that contain all of the elements required by The Joint Commission. Prepared labels are easy to read and ready to apply to a syringe. The user can select to have the labels presented individually or in a strip. Labels can also accommodate two sets of initials as needed, when one person prepared the label but not the syringe or when a second check for safety is required.

Key Benefits:
  • Electronically identifies parenteral vial to prevent drug selection errors
  • Fast, easy touchscreen entry of the desired number of identical labels to be printed (0 to 999)
  • Optional on-screen entry of lot number for each batch of labels to be printed
  • Touchscreen selection of individually cut or strip cut labels
  • Touchscreen display shows printing status (i.e. “Printing 10 of 250”)
  • Configurable per unit
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