Epic Anesthesia Integration

Epic Anesthesia Integration


In the fast-paced environment of the OR, errors in syringe preparation and selection as well as documentation inaccuracies can occur for a myriad of reasons. For example, documentation often occurs post-administration and many ORs use hand-written labels which don’t contain a barcode. This makes automation difficult or impossible and leaves caring clinicians vulnerable to human error.

SLS-WAVE, used in conjunction with Codonics award-winning Safe Label System, integrates with Epic Anesthesia to automate data entry in the patient record “hands-free” by capturing the exact NDC of every medication administered. SLS-WAVE helps to greatly improve documentation, inventory control and workflow efficiency with fewer clicks to improve charge capture in the OR.

Let’s take a closer look at this integration

Scanning the barcode on a vial or ampoule on SLS produces a medication label is 100% compliant with Joint Commission requirements and includes a barcode for integration with Epic AIMS. Easy-to-read and ready-to-apply, the label is presented to the anesthetist before the medication is all drawn up. This workflow ensures that the contents of the syringe and the label on the syringe are both accurate. When the label is scanned on SLS-WAVE, the drug is electronically identified at administration and automatically documented into Epic Anesthesia.

Less clicks, improved workflow for the Anesthesiologist

As part of a total solution, SLS-WAVE, an accessory to Safe Label System, is a robust and highly accurate “hands-free” scanner that integrates with Epic Anesthesia to close the loop and — for the first time — brings BCMA to the OR. To improve the anesthesiologist’s workflow, SLS-WAVE can be attached to the EPIC monitor on the gas machine or an IV pole, keeping the patient within reach. On the way to the port, the anesthetist simply ‘waves’ an SLS prepared syringe (or most prefilled syringes) past SLS-WAVE. SLS-WAVE automatically passes the NDC of the drug to Epic and instantly populates that drug name and concentration in the Epic screen. The provider simply selects the time and enters the dose. The drug name, concentration, dose and time-stamp are now electronically documented for a complete and thorough patient record.

Less rework, better documentation and accountability for the Pharmacy

By electronically capturing the exact NDC of every medication administered, SLS and SLS-WAVE help to improve billing accuracy and ensure compliance with 340B initiatives. SLS-WAVE “hands-free” technology enables clinicians to focus on the patient with fewer manual clicks required for documentation, and takes the guesswork out of knowing exactly what drug was administered by auto-populating Epic Anesthesia with the exact NDC. This total solution for the OR increases efficiency, improves billing accuracy, improves patient safety and closes the loop at administration.

Let us help you introduce standardization in the operating room.

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