If you’re a pharmacist, it’s likely that your technicians are spending countless hours in the OR doing physical inventory – and despite this, you continue to struggle with non-narcotic drug discrepancies. All too often, we hear about facilities who are forced to cycle count anesthesia carts at least two times a day. Others swap out the cart drawers after every case in hopes of improving inventory accuracy. Despite this due diligence, discrepancies continue to be a costly and time-consuming challenge. Not only are discrepancies a source for lost revenue, they lead to stock outs which puts patient safety at risk.

Safe Label System (SLS) can help end discrepancies and the monotonous and error-prone manual paperwork processes, freeing up pharmacy’s time to focus on pressing patient-related tasks. Through “common scan” integration with automated dispensing carts*, SLS helps to reduce medication errors while eliminating discrepancies and increasing charge capture. Helping to close the loop, SLS delivers the necessary checks and balances to the OR to ensure inventory control, and stops the cycle of lost drug capture – often hundreds of thousands of dollars. Additionally, integration helps streamline workflow in the OR by reducing redundant tasks.

How it works using SLS

When a provider logs into an anesthesia cart, he/she is automatically logged into SLS. As medications are removed from the cart, the provider simply scans the vial or ampoule’s barcode on SLS. SLS instantly provides visual and audible feedback of the drug in hand, then passes the NDC to the cart for documentation, and captures the appropriate patient charge (for sites who bill on dispense). This helps eliminate inventory discrepancies and potential stock outs by improving inventory control and provides pharmacy oversight where on-demand medications are prepared.

How it works using SLS-WAVE

SLS-WAVE extends BCMA to the OR for the first time. A paradigm shift for this fast-paced environment, SLS-WAVE helps greatly increase the accuracy of NDC data in the OR to improve charge capture and decrease inventory discrepancies. When a prepared medication is scanned on SLS-WAVE, the drug and concentration are electronically documented “hands-free” and visually displayed for the provider. Not only does this decrease screen touches for the anesthesiologist, it also provides a safety check to avoid syringe swaps. The exact NDC of every scanned drug is seamlessly recorded, enabling pharmacy to confidently rely on the anesthesia report – and introduces a new level of billing accuracy. SLS-WAVE delivers detailed drug accounting, increased charge capture and helps with 340B accountability to drastically reduce the amount of time pharmacy spends on manual paperwork.

*SLS common scan integration is offered with some of our partners. Ask your sales representative for details.

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