Common Login / Common Scan

Common Login / Common Scan


In the operating room, swift decisions are often required by the anesthesiologist. The only area of the hospital that administers medications before documenting them, coupled with fast and easy access to non-controlled substances, often results in incomplete documentation and inventory discrepancies that lead to stock outs and lost charge capture.

Codonics Safe Label System (SLS) integrates with automated dispensing carts* (ADCs) via “common log in/common scan” to deliver the checks and balances required for accountable care, improving everything from inventory to billing to compliancy and ultimately, your patients’ safety. This integration greatly reduces manual processes in anesthesia and in pharmacy.

Common Login

A single log (either by biometric ID or other methods) simultaneously provides access to the cart and Safe Label System. Logging out of the cart also logs the user out of SLS. This feature:

  • Saves time for the anesthesia provider
  • Improves compliance by allowing only the clinician who is logged in to prepare medication, and
  • Offers accurate reporting by ensuring the preparer’s initials are correctly identified on the prepared medication
Common Scan

Integration also allows single barcode scanning of non-controlled items which eliminates redundant activity. After scanning a vial or ampoule on the Safe Label System, the NDC of that medication is sent to the cart, decrementing inventory and capturing the appropriate patient charge. At the same time, SLS automatically produces a TJC-compliant label that is ready to apply to the syringe. This feature:

  • Helps eliminate potential stock-outs during procedures by improving inventory accuracy
  • Allows a single scan to identify the medication on the Safe Label System while accurately decrementing inventory used in the cart, allowing pharmacy oversight where on-demand medications are prepared and
  • Captures the exact NDC for every vial/ampoule scanned

The value of integration

Pharmacy Department
Benefit Value to Pharmacy
Charge capture (ROI) Improves billing
Accurate inventory control Decreases stock outs and discrepancies. More efficient use of Pharmacy resources.
Automatic drug recording SLS passes the vial/ampoule scan to the ADC to automatically decrement inventory
Passes the exact NDC Reimbursements and 340B initiatives
Less cycle counting Reallocation of FTE pharmacy resources
Safety and compliance Reduces medication errors. Reduces stock outs. Improves TJC-compliance.

Anesthesia Department
Benefit Value to Anesthesia
Workflow friendly Fast and easy to use
Increases efficiency More time to focus on the patient
Assured inventory Decreased stock outs
Safety and compliance Reduces human error. Improves TJC-compliance. Eliminates handwriting.

Common log in/common scan integration with the Codonics Safe Label System saves time, improves inventory management, helps meet labeling compliance standards, and most importantly, helps to reduce medication errors – offering assurance to both anesthesia providers and pharmacy.

*SLS common scan integration is offered with some of our partners. Ask your sales representative for details.

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