Wi-Fi Option

Wi-Fi Option


Safe Label Systems (SLS) are typically deployed throughout a hospital, often distant from the pharmacy where the SLS Administration Tool is maintained. Updating and monitoring each SLS on the network from the pharmacy can be very challenging if SLS is not easily accessible.

Wi-Fi Option:

To maintain each SLS device with the newest drug formularies, configurations, user lists and software releases, SLS offers an optional Wi-Fi adapter that easily installs on SLS and your network. Networking enables every SLS device across your enterprise to be monitored from the SLS Administration Tool that resides in pharmacy. This provides pharmacy with insight about the status of every SLS in real time; for example, which and if SLSs are in use, who is logged into each SLS, or if ink is low. For sites that do not have or are unable to install Ethernet drops to locations where SLS is deployed, Wi-Fi support is an excellent alternative.

At Codonics, our priority is patient safety. We’ve optimized our network technology to ensure access and reliability of the SLS solution across your healthcare enterprise. Together, we can prevent preventable medication errors.