USB Microphone

USB Microphone

Preventing medication errors at the point of care

Codonics Safe Label System (SLS), a standard of care in the world’s leading hospitals, helps to prevent drug administration errors anywhere they are prepared. SLS uses barcode technology to identify vials and ampoules before a medication is drawn up. A simple swipe of the medication’s barcode past SLS and the clinician is immediately provided with visual and audible identification of the drug and concentration in hand, acting as a second set of “eyes”. With the purchase of Safe Label System, our technical support team will work with your pharmacy personnel to ensure your SLS systems are delivered with sound files for every drug in your formulary.

The importance of a “second set of eyes”

In fast-paced environments like the OR, vials and ampoules can be easily confused. Many are small, difficult to read, and look exactly the same. SLS’s verbal confirmation of the medication’s name and concentration is just one of its many “safety checks”, and greatly helps to prevent vial and ampoule swaps.

USB Microphone

An optional USB microphone enables pharmacy to create sounds files for new drug medications that are not currently included and need to be added to the SLS. Additionally, for internationalization of SLS, pharmacists can record all medications, concentrations and other sound files in their local language to ensure users hear the drug name and concentration at the point of care in their native language. This will ensure that as a drug is scanned on SLS, it is also announced, helping to prevent an incorrect medication being filled into a syringe.

At Codonics, our priority is patient safety. We’ve optimized audible confirmations to ensure safety, consistency and reliability every time a drug is scanned. The USB microphone makes it fast and easy to record new drug names and concentrations to provide an additional layer of safety. Together, we can prevent preventable medication errors.

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