SLS Advanced Smart Scanning (SASS)

SLS Advanced Smart Scanning (SASS)


Codonics Safe Label System (SLS) is an award-winning medication safety device that uses barcode technology to read vial and ampoules at the point of care. When a clinician scans a medication on SLS, the system provides visual and audible identification of the drug in hand and, on demand, produces a Joint Commission-compliant label that includes a barcode to enable integration with the electronic health record (EHR).

Sometimes, however, there are occasions when you need to scan a medication or an item stored in the anesthesia cart but not necessarily produce a label.

SLS’s Advanced Smart Scanning feature allows users to scan a container and automatically print a label or not print a label. For example, scanning a manufacturer’s prefilled syringe and hearing SLS announce the drug name and concentration without printing a label. This better ensures you have selected the correct drug even when there is no need for a printed label.

When integrated with an automated drug cart (ADC) that supports SASS, SLS decrements inventory of any item in the cart that contains a barcode when scanned at SLS even when a label isn’t printed. For example, SLS allows users to scan non-drug containers (e.g. gauze, syringes) that have barcodes on their packaging and automatically decrement the cart inventory. SLS provides audible confirmation of the item scanned to help ensure safety.

For more information or to obtain the SASS feature key, contact your sales representative or Codonics Technical Support team at 1.440.243.1198.

*SLS common scan integration is offered with some of our ADC partners. Ask your sales representative for details.

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