SLS Formulary

SLS Formulary


SLS AT sets the standard for making it practical and easy for pharmacy to control and manage distribution of drugs, drug information and rules for use throughout a hospital — to literally hundreds of locations with a single click of a button. At the core of Safe Label System is the Administration Tool (AT), a sophisticated, easy-to-use software application that resides in pharmacy. The AT enables pharmacy, in collaboration with anesthesia, to manage hospital-approved drugs and consolidate them with best practices and use conditions specific to your facility. The AT merges TJC, USP and ASA guidelines, enabling them to be managed in pharmacy and deployed and accessible at the point of care. This process creates standardization and helps to ensure medication safety anywhere medications are prepared.

Easy to Use

Users select the drugs they want included in the SLS formulary from the Master Drug Database. After selecting the drugs, users can customize them in the formulary for use in their SLS system. The AT’s easy-to-use graphical user interface displays changes in real time as they are made by the user, including:

  • Selecting from The Joint Commission’s compliant label templates based on ASA color guidelines and ISO standards
  • Warnings and messages about the drug including paralyzing agent, anticoagulant, etc.
  • Whether a dilution is allowed, not allowed or required, and the appropriate dilutions/diluents
  • Audio file of the spoken drug name
  • Time frame (in hours) until the drug will expire
  • Additional text field for the site’s address, billing codes, container size or manufacturer, etc.

Once the formulary is promoted and installed on SLS, each label prepared for a drug in the formulary will contain a barcode. The barcode enables the syringe to be scanned into an Anesthesia Information Management System (AIMS) and/or EHR. This standardization of drug labeling immediately increases safety, helps significantly decrease medication errors and improves documentation and inventory control.

Site License Options

Users have several options for an SLS AT site license. The SLS AT is a PC or server-based software application and includes multiple modules to configure the SLS system, prepare and update formularies as required, and monitor your SLSs across the organization. Compatible with Windows server 2008, 2012R2 and 2016.

  • Single System License – provides management of one to nine SLS devices.
  • Site License – provides for an unlimited number of SLS devices at a healthcare facility whose constituent buildings and support personnel are physically and logistically proximate to each other.
  • Regional License – provides for an unlimited number of SLS devices within a healthcare network within a region (state, province or prefecture).
  • Enterprise License – provides for an unlimited number of SLS devices within a healthcare network within a country.

Contact Codonics with further questions about the appropriate license for your organization.

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