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Codonics and Plexus TG Strengthen Partnership with Integrated Anesthesia Safety Technology

This distinctive partnership integrates Codonics Safe Label System medication safety technology with the Plexus TG AIMS technology to improve the anesthesia process in the OR.

CLEVELAND, OH, August 3, 2017 - Codonics Inc. (, a global leader in award-winning patient safety and image documentation solutions, and Plexus Technology Group, LLC (Plexus TG), a market-leading, best-of-breed provider of Anesthesia Information Management Systems (AIMS), strengthens their partnership by elevating Plexus TG to a valueadded reseller for Codonics Safe Label System® (SLS). Fully integrated, customers will now be able to source the Codonics SLS with Anesthesia Touch and Pharmacy Touch together. This combination provides customers with the ability to “close the loop” from preparation to administration, providing secure drug inventory, safe and compliant barcoded syringe labeling, complete reconciliation and automated charging.

Trusted by the world's leading hospitals as the standard of care for medication safety, Codonics innovative solution is an FDA Class II medication device and is installed in more than 5,000 operating rooms worldwide. SLS combines barcode identification of drug vials, audible and visual confirmation of drug preparations, compliant labeling of prepared medications, and verification of the prepared medication prior to patient administration in real time to eliminate the most prevalent human errors, such as vial/ampoule swaps, mislabeling, and syringe swaps. Used at the point-of-care, SLS consolidates pharmacy best practices and hospital policy to help the healthcare professional reduce medication errors and consistently meet safety and compliance objectives. Its system of double checks, audible alerts, and easy-toread, compliant labels reduces common drug errors made during medication preparation and administration, helping to reduce adverse drug events, morbidity, and extended patient-stay times.

“We are delighted to offer Codonics SLS with Plexus TG’s Anesthesia Touch and Pharmacy Touch products to our customers as a fully integrated solution, offering a complete answer for barcode medication verification of bolus meds at the point of care in the operating room,” said Tony Mira, CEO of Plexus Technology Group. “It has been a pleasure working with the team at Codonics and we look forward to teaming up together on future projects.”

In addition to the value of safety, Plexus TG's combined anesthesia and pharmacy management system works with Codonics SLS to automatically track inventory and simplify controlled substance reconciliation. The combination is tightly coupled for documentation at the point of care, avoiding the pitfalls for duplicate entry. This solution simplifies anesthesia medication management with its intuitive, easy-to-use system that delivers to pharmacists and anesthesia providers an integrated solution with controlled-access cabinets, barcoding syringe labeling, closed-loop reconciliation and automated charging.

“We are excited to partner with Plexus TG and provide our customers with a turnkey medication management solution for the perioperative environment,” said Peter O. Botten, President & CEO of Codonics Inc. “Integrating Codonics Safe Label System with Plexus TG’s Anesthesia Touch reinforces patient safety throughout the entire surgical process while helping to close the loop, enabling electronic reconciliation and documentation at the point of care.”

As an iPad-based anesthesia documentation solution, Anesthesia Touch's full KLAS rating demonstrates Plexus TG’s commitment to providing complete AIMS functionality for their clients. For more information, visit

About Codonics Inc.

Codonics is a global business and provides the medical industry with the most advanced patient safety and medical imaging products in the world from their headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio. Since 1982, Codonics has experienced exciting growth and award-winning achievements. Codonics is represented in 110 countries with more than 35,000 product installations in renowned, cutting-edge medical facilities throughout the world. Today, Safe Label System is recognized as a standard of care in the world’s leading hospitals. Safe Label System won the 2014 Medical Design Excellence Award (MDEA), the medical technology industry’s most prestigious award for groundbreaking product innovation. To learn more, visit

About Plexus Technology Group, LLC

Plexus Technology Group, a subsidiary of MiraMed Global Services, is a leading provider of anesthesia information management and medication management systems. Anesthesia Touch is a full-featured AIMS for both Windows and iOS platforms that supports concurrent charting and automatically records physiological data. It is easy to use, provides comprehensive anesthesia documentation and is certified as a full EHR for meaningful use. Pharmacy Touch, a modular add-on to Anesthesia Touch, automates controlled substance reconciliation, eliminates duplicate documentation, reduces drug errors and delivers charge capture and decision support at the point of care. For more information, visit

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