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A commitment to ensure unparalleled patient safety

King Hamad University Hospital

CLEVELAND, OHIO – 27 December 2012 – Codonics Inc. announced today that King Hamad University Hospital (KHUH), Bahrain, is leading the region to ensure patients are assured an unmatched commitment to medication safety wherever syringes are prepared, such as the operating room, ICU, PICU, NICU, Labor & Delivery, ER, Daycare, Radiology and Pharmacy. The prestigious, technology-advanced KHUH has implemented the Container Labeling System (CLS) and Safe Label System (SLS) from Codonics, first-of-its-kind technologies that help to significantly reduce medication labeling errors and healthcare costs. KHUH will become the region's luminary site, welcoming neighboring facilities to visit their state-of-the-art hospital to better understand Codonics technology and how it is improving patient safety.

Safe Label System is a world-class, FDA-approved medical system that improves the safety and accuracy of medication management through the integration of worldwide recognized best practices and international standards including the Joint Commission International, ISO and recommendations of the European Society of Anesthesia. SLS is an unprecedented tool in the fight against accidental healthcare harm and addresses the three most common medication errors made in the selection, preparation and administration of injectable and intravenous medications, helping to prevent vial and ampoule swaps, mislabeling and illegible labeling, and syringe swaps. Codonics CLS, utilized by pharmacy, enables barcode unit dose labeling that improves efficiency and increases accuracy as well as immediately introduces barcode compliancy into the Pharmacy. CLS creates and prints labels that feature machine-readable codes that can be read by a barcode scanner.

"We are extremely energized to implement Codonics safety system. Codonics is an organization focused on the development of medical technology that empowers healthcare providers to deliver enhanced patient care. Codonics has strong brand recognition and a unique product line that aligns with the safety and compliance needs of hospitals around the world. Their systems drive down costs, streamline workflow, and help healthcare providers spend time on what matters most -- their patients," said Hospital Commander, Major General. (Dr). Salman Bin Ateyatallah Al Khalifa of King Hamad University Hospital. "Codonics technology and KHUH's commitment to ensuring our patients have world-class care bring a new level of safety and patient care to healthcare."

KHUH is dedicated to providing patients with the most advanced medical technology available and has made a commitment to ensuring patient safety. KHUH has a strong desire to be the region's leader when it comes to technology and patient care.

"We are very excited to have such a prestigious facility as King Hamad University Hospital implement Codonics Safe Label System and barcode unit dose labeling technologies," said Eric Tual, EMEA General Manager, Codonics. "KHUH is an outstanding MoH and military organization and a great facility to highlight Codonics products. Their dedication to safety and keen awareness of worldwide medication labeling standards has set the bar for other hospitals in the region. I am very confident that this partnership will help to improve patient safety and put an end to accidental healthcare harm."

About King Hamad University Hospital (KHUH)

The King Hamad University Hospital is committed to delivering health services that meet and exceed international and national standards. Heavily focused on respect, empathy and dignity for the patient, the facility strives to provide high quality, patient-friendly services that continually deliver the most advanced technology. Our professional medical practioners, skilled nurses, allied health personnel and technicians pride themselves on being abreast of the latest research and continuing instruction, and we are committed to providing our students with an outstanding education. KHUH holds our employee's values in the highest regard and we are dedicated to fostering their growth and promoting their creativity. It is the hospital's genuine desire to serve the community and nation, promoting the importance of a healthy lifestyle, and through fully integrating with an outstanding academic program in teaching and medical research.


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