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Codonics wins NorTech Innovation Award for Safe Label System

Codonics Safe Label System honored for Innovation by NorTech and Crain's Cleveland BusinessCodonics Safe Label System honored for Innovation by NorTech and Crain's Cleveland Business

Over the past several years, the NorTech Innovation Awards program has recognized Northeast Ohio innovators that have transformed the region's economy by creating jobs, attracting capital, and generating positive economic impact. In February 2011, NorTech recognized and honored "breakthrough innovations" that have either demonstrated dramatic impact on a specific industry or market sector, or have the clear potential to create economic impact in the near future.

Codonics Safe Label System SLS 500i was honored at the 2011 NorTech Innovation Awards, presented by NorTech and Crain's Cleveland Business. Codonics Safe Label System prints ASA (American Society of Anesthesiologists) compliant full-color labels containing all TJC (The Joint Commission) required elements while the syringe is being filled. Each label includes a configurable data-rich barcode that can be used to integrate into the Anesthesiology Information Management System (AIMS) or a broader hospital information system.

Codonics Safe Label System's goal is to help institutions adhere to medication labeling standards and increase patient safety. Drug administration errors occur in one in 140 cases, with many more unreported, according to data from the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation. The Safe Label System's printed labels contain information to identify the drug and its concentration, preparation and expiration date and time, the preparer, and dilution and diluent, if required. The SLS includes several additional safety features such as asking the user, such as the anesthesiologist, to confirm of the drug before it prints a label, providing a double-check. It then audibly repeats the type of drug in a syringe, a way of triple-checking for the user.

The Codonics SLS Safe Label System is based upon the SmartLabels technology licensed from Massachusetts General Hospital. The system was developed by anesthesiologists at Massachusetts General Hospital to prevent intravenous medication errors via barcode assisted medication labeling. At the 2008 ASA Annual Meeting, the system was awarded the Ellison C. Pierce Award from the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation for best scientific exhibit in patient safety.


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