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NOTE: Codonics recommends using the latest AT and SLS software. Contact Codonics for the latest software and for any assistance in upgrading to the latest software.

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  • AT Wired Hand Scanner
  • Hand Scanner Holster Installation
  • SLS PCS Data Analytics Tool
  • SLS Wired Hand Scanner
  • Shelf Installation Guides
  • Installation Instructions Compatible Carts
    (Rail Mount)
    Armstrong Medical Industries, Inc.
    A-Smart Premier Medical Cart
    Metro® STARSYS Medical Cart
    Basix Plus Medical Cart
    SLS500-Shelf-2 1 Omnicell® G3 Anesthesia Workstation
    (Blind Mount)
    Blue Bell Bio-Medical Cart
    Metro Flexline Medical Cart
    SLS500-Shelf-4 2 Artromick LTC and AC Series Cart
    Mckesson Anesthesia-Rx
    AmeriSource Bergan MedSelect® Anesthesia
    SLS500-Shelf-07 1
    Omnicell® XT Anesthesia Workstation
    Omnicell® G4 Anesthesia Workstation
    SLS 500-ARM-CF-SP or
    SLS 500-ARM-CF-EXT
    Carefusion Pyxis Anesthesia system

    1 Not compatible when optional side work table is installed.
    2 Please contact Codonics Technical Support for installation instructions.

    Please contact Codonics Technical Support if your cart is not listed, a mounting system maybe under development.



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