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CLS Container Labeling System

Create and print barcode labels for
unit doses for improved patient safety

Codonics Container Labeling System (CLS) creates and prints labels that feature machine-readable codes that can be read by a barcode scanner. CLS enables barcode unit dose labeling that improves efficiency and increases accuracy as well as immediately introduces barcode compliancy into the Pharmacy. Product includes software application, barcode scanner, label printer and uniquely designed labels. With CLS, barcoding has never been easier.

Built with durability and reliability, the direct thermal printer provides a wide range of features in a very small footprint. The CLS can print three differently shaped barcode labels to accommodate labeling for all types and sizes of containers. The versatile scanner can be used in both handheld and hands-free modes and offers superior comfort, ease of use, and rapid scanning using the latest technology.

CLS includes four distinct authority levels to accommodate the workflow: Administrator, Manager, Technician and Operator.

Labels Workflow

Features and Benefits

  • Data can be quickly and easily exported to other programs
  • Intuitive and user friendly for data entry
  • Internationalization and local language support
  • Log files maintained for data history
  • Operator workflow print approval
  • Administrative verification workflow confirmation
  • Network ready (printer and database sharing)
  • Drugs configured as high-risk require pharmacist approval for printing
  • Multi-level user functionality to assure integrity of data
  • Manufacturer and container verification mode

The Container Labeling System is not available for purchase or use in the United States.


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