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All digital, all dry prints for orthopaedics

Codonics for Orthopedics

Today's only digital long film imager, Horizon® XL instantly delivers true-size diagnostic film for templating conveniently in the OR. Adding value and convenience for the orthopaedic surgeon, the images that document the procedure can be printed and verified before the patient leaves. Our 14" x 36" and 14" x 51" long film allows 'true-size' images to be printed on one continuous film, and fold to 14" x 17" to fit conveniently in a standard film jacket. In addition to long film, the XL prints on several other sizes of film, grayscale paper and color paper, covering all of your orthopaedic print needs in one compact device.


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  • Daylight safe and easy to handle, our 14" x 36" and 14" x 51" long film is perfect for scoliosis, long bone, pediatric and adult spines while our 14" x 17" film is ideal for extremity MR. Models available with 11" x 14" output for CR/DR environments.
  • Codonics exclusive low-cost DirectVista┬« Grayscale Paper can be read in room light without a light box. For the orthopaedic surgeon, it's a great alternative to film for in-op and post-op confirmations at a fraction of the cost, and offers savings of up to 65% over film.
  • Horizon provides lower hardware, film and service costs than any competing dry imager. Horizon also has the industry's best warranty and first year service is included.
  • With the fastest time-to-first-print, Horizon prints up to 100 films an hour.
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