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Horizon® means superior image quality and
value for oncology

Codonics for Oncology

Codonics provides the total print solution for all of your oncology hardcopy needs. Horizon, a multi-media imager, eliminates the expense of maintaining three printers by incorporating a film imager, a color printer and a paper printer into one incredibly versatile desktop device. Horizon automatically prints color and grayscale without the need to ever switch cassettes or remove ribbons. Plus, our exclusive Medical Color Matching (MCM™) technology ensures prints always match color scales and soft copy monitors.


Codonics Safe Label System recognized for its Advancements in Healthcare More than 380 members and professionals of Northeast Ohio's medical community gathered... Click here for the full story

Codonics Receives President's "E" Award for Exports The highest recognition a U.S. entity may receive for export expansion... Click here for the full story

  • Horizon's unique ability to print grayscale and color in one imager makes it the only choice for demanding oncology applications requiring large and small format film for DRR and portal images, color for Functional Imaging, 3D Reconstruction, Beam's Eye View and IMRT images, plus low cost grayscale paper for patient and referral copies.
  • Horizon provides lower hardware, film and service costs than any competing dry imager. Horizon also has the industry's best warranty and first year service is included. Several Horizon models are available to suit your need and budget.
  • In a class that far surpasses any office product, DirectVista® Paper is a high quality, media ideal for the referring physician that provides up to 70% savings over film.
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