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Mobile Coach

Codonics for Mobile Applications

Horizon® is specifically designed for mobile integration

Codonics for Mobile applications

Codonics engineered Horizon for the most severe mobile conditions with test data to back it up. Its durable cabinet mounts in any mobile coach while the docking tray secures the imager and provides a quick release should a service event occur. Horizon's unique swap service and Smart Card technology eliminates the need for on-site service calls. No other imager offers this seamless integration in a mobile environment.

Horizon is easily configured to accommodate multiple sites on one route using our exclusive built-in Zip® Drive to download configuration data specific to each site. There is no limitation to the number of configurations that can be created.


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  • Horizon's unique ability to print film, color and grayscale paper in the same compact imager provides greater versatility and savings over "film-only" imagers. Horizon provides an overall total lower cost solution on film, maintenance and service than any competing imager, making it the ideal solution for any mobile application.
  • Codonics adapted rigorous testing methods used in the aerospace industry, ran Horizon through millions of print cycles, as well as crash, impact and drop testing. Horizon withstands the significant, prolonged exposure to vibration and rapid transitions in temperature with no degradation in image quality.
  • Horizon's ultra-compact footprint allows it to be placed on a desk, counter or in any mobile application. It weighs less than 70 lbs. and features standard power requirements with plug-and-play simplicity.
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