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Codonics for Magnetic
Resonance Imaging

Horizon® is the ideal imager for any MRI system

Codonics for MR

Printing 14"x17" film for conventional MRI, grayscale paper for referring physicians, and color paper for functional imaging, spectroscopy or fiber tracking, Horizon supports all of the latest MRI applications.

Horizon's unmatched versatility allows you to load three types of media at the same time, holds up to 300 sheets of film, and is DICOM and PostScript compatible. Horizon combines multi-media printing capabilities, compact size and speed - all while maintaining a lower total cost of ownership.


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  • Horizon's unique ability to print grayscale and color in one imager makes it the only choice for demanding MRI applications.
  • Horizon provides lower hardware, film and service costs than any competing dry imager. Horizon also has the industry's best warranty and first year service is included. Several Horizon models are available to suit your need and budget.
  • With the fastest time-to-first-print, Horizon prints up to 100 films an hour.
  • Horizon's ultra-compact footprint takes up less than two feet of counter space and weighs less than 70 lbs., allowing it to be placed close to the console.
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